About us

The Casa Strela Travel Guide – Tarrafal informs visitors of Tarrafal about the touristic attractiveness of this unique little paradise.

We are a team of Swiss and local people. You can find us in Casa Strela B&B, next to King Fisher Resort at the Ponta de Atum of Tarrafal. Please note our opening hours!

Open every day from 09h00 – 12h00

Our Team:

Andreas is Swiss and the owner of “Casa Strela B&B” and “Casa Strela Travel Guide”. He lives in Tarrafal since 2009 and is President of the local Tourist association.


Sabina is Swiss and lives in Tarrafal since 2013. She is the administrative power of Casa Strela.


Evelyn is from  Slovakia and lives since 2014 in Cabo Verde. She is welcoming the Guests of Casa Strela at the reception and is organising the excursions for you.