Cabo Verde

Cabo Verde

Things to do - general

Cabo Verde is a slow-growing touristic destination of 10 volcanic islands in the central Atlantic Ocean. Located 570 kilometres off the coast of Western Africa (Senegal), the islands cover a combined area of slightly over 4’000 square kilometres.

Tourism is growing every year, but you are still able to visit lonely beaches and as soon as you get out of the touristic centers, you will feel in an other world, a world full of friendly people who will be happy having a small chat with you. If Cabo Verde could sell smiles, it would be a rich country.

At the time of independence from Portugal in 1975, Cape Verdeans emigrated across the world. In some places, even far away in the mountains, it can happen, that somebody will speak english with you in a strong American accent or they will speak French or even Dutch to you.

Cabo Verde is a country to explore, a country to get in contact with the local people and feel their hapiness to being with you, even just for a short while. Tarrafal in the north of the Island of Santiago is the perfect place to meet nice people. You will see just a few tourists on your visit, but Tarrafal has a good touristic infrastructure.

Come and enjoy that little touristic growing diamond.

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